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Malaysia Airlines Berhad and Infiniti Software Extended Partnership to Accelerate the Airline Digital Transformation Journey 

CHENNAI, September15, 2023 – Malaysia Airlines Berhad, the national carrier of Malaysia, has extended its collaboration with Infiniti Software Solutions. As a leading provider of travel technology solutions, Infiniti Software Solutions will contribute its state-of-the-art software expertise to strengthen Malaysia Airlines’ operations through advanced technology adoption.

This new implementation showcases the airline’s unwavering commitment to adopting advanced technologies that amplify operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

Over the course of three years, Malaysia Airlines has leveraged the capabilities of four key products from Infiniti Software Solutions: GroupRM, Corporate Booking Portal, GOM Portal, and Marketplace. These robust solutions have been instrumental in enabling the airline to optimize its operations and provide outstanding services to its valued customers.

“We are very happy that our partnership with Malaysia Airlines had helped them achieve important milestones in terms of sales and customer experience over the last few years. Infiniti has focused on customizing solutions for the company, and we hope that this collaboration continues to remain fruitful,” said Ananth Narasimhan, the chief executive officer of Infiniti said.

About Malaysia Airlines:

Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia and carries more than 40,000 guests daily. The full-service carrier is a member of oneworld alliance, and flies to about 1,000 destinations with access to over 650 lounges.

About GroupRM:

GroupRM, the flagship group revenue management solution offered by Infiniti, is currently being used by several airlines globally. The product aims at enhancing revenues for airlines with the help of real-time quotes, optimal fares and an accurate demand prediction.

About GOM Portal:

Especially created for the travel needs of government employees, the GOM Portal is aimed at minimizing the time taken to book tickets, makes the process hassle-free by allowing bills to be directly raised to the government along with providing advanced analytics.

About Marketplace:

A unique curated solution for both Haj-bound pilgrims and the airline flying them, the Marketplace solution aims at making the pilgrimage a wholesome experience by being more than just a carrier. The solution entails empowering the airline with a marketplace platform with options for travel agents, tour packages, hotel bookings and rental cars among others.

About Corporate Booking Portal:

A distribution system which can help airlines reduce their distribution cost by providing Corporates direct access to the booking tool, which also allows them to have a customized booking experience.

About Infiniti Software Solutions:

A travel technology company with more than 250 satisfied customers, Infiniti Software Services has been the pioneer for several customized solutions across airlines, travel agencies and corporates. Headquartered in Chennai in India, the company’s 250+ strong team has created over 9 products and solutions with customer interests at the core of its ideology.

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