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Infiniti Software Solutions Unveils the Future of Shopping Experience for Airlines at T2RL Engage 2023

Chennai, India – Aug 8, 2023 – Infiniti Software Solutions, a world-class travel technology company, is excited to participate in this year’s T2RL Engage 2023. We are showcasing how airlines can gain revenue and give a shopping experience to the B2B customer segments by curating offers. Tailored offer creation, personalization, and optimization for all the customer segments might soon come to fruition with a customer management interface. The event is scheduled to take place from September 18th to 20th, 2023 at the QEII Centre in London.

Infiniti eagerly anticipates this opportunity to connect with delegates, travel experts, and specialists from some of the world’s largest airlines and travel service providers during the event.

Leading the charge is Ananth Narasimhan, the CEO of Infiniti Software Solutions. An industry stalwart, Ananth’s address at T2RL Engage 2023 is keenly anticipated. With a topic as evocative as “Is the switch to offer management a zero-sum game?”, attendees are in for a treat. 

“In the past two decades, I’ve closely observed the airline industry’s evolving dynamics,” Ananth shared. “One glaring challenge remains – the inability of airlines to harness real-time customer data. Given that a significant 70% of bookings are funneled through travel agencies, airlines often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to offering personalized experiences. We’re here to change that narrative.”

We will spotlight two of our products at the event – AgencyDirect and GroupRM.

  • AgencyDirect solves the challenges of airlines by redefining it with a customer management interface that stores and manages the real-time data of all customer segments. It resolves the challenges by streamlining the diverse needs of customer segments, managing the changing expectations of the customers, personalizing offers, and helping to increase ancillary sales. 
  • GroupRM is an airline group booking revenue management system that streamlines and manages group bookings, optimizes group quotes, adopts the best pricing strategy, increases revenue, and tracks all the group bookings. Airlines can gain revenue from group bookings by 25%, drastically reduce the TAT, and increase customer satisfaction.

Infiniti’s journey over the past 15 years has been nothing short of inspiring. With collaboration with over 250 airlines, travel agencies, and corporates, and a robust team of 300+ travel tech specialists, Infiniti continues to lead the charge in travel technology innovation.  

We are continuously revolutionizing three sectors in the travel industry – Airlines, travel agencies, and corporates striving to innovate with many more new-gen updated products suitable for now and for the future.

Wrapping Up

The future of the airline industry is on the cusp of change, as T2RL Engage 2023 approaches. Infiniti Software Solutions expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this esteemed event and a heartfelt thanks for inviting us to T2RL. The promise of a transformative B2B shopping experience for airlines looms large, Infiniti is proud to be leading the charge, and the skies look promising.

About T2RL

Travel Technology Research Ltd., specializes in streamlining procurement processes for complex travel technology, encompassing all airline business models/sizes, travel companies, and travel technology providers. T2RL Engage 23 is a conference participated by 500 airlines, technology, and distribution delegates that will convene in London for two days to discuss the emerging digital future of ticketing, merchandising, ancillary sales, and customer servicing in aviation.

About AgencyDirect

Designed to empower airlines in the B2B space, AgencyDirect’s offer personalization system stands out. Whether it’s catering to corporates, travel agencies, or government travelers, AgencyDirect ensures an enhanced customer management interface, leading to effective and efficient handling.

About GroupRM 

Touted as Infiniti’s flagship product, GroupRM bridges the current market gap in group booking revenue management. With the potential to elevate revenue by 28%, GroupRM is a game-changer for airlines.

About Infiniti Software Solutions

With its roots in Chennai, India, Infiniti Software Solutions has grown into a global powerhouse. Their commitment to creating robust and cost-effective solutions for airlines, travel agencies, and corporates worldwide remains unparalleled. The future holds the promise of more innovations as they strive to reshape three crucial travel industry sectors: Airlines, travel agencies, and corporates.

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