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All-New ExpenseOut Ushers In The Next Generation Of Expense Management

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India- July 5, 2021—Infiniti Software Solutions has relaunched the flagship ExpenseOut product with AI-powered features that are poised to help companies cut down on indirect expenses as they emerge from the pandemic.

The revamped site has garnered a lot of praise from industry insiders, and the company’s CEO, Mr. Ananth Narasimhan has pointed out that leveraging AI to help companies reduce reimbursement requests from employees by up to 35 percent was a key victory that the product had achieved.

With AI, ExpenseOut can scan bills automatically, evaluate them for accuracy, policy compliance, and authenticity. This is significant given that a Gartner survey shows T&E to be the most important cost for CFOs to deal with once revenue returns.

Notably, both small and large companies will have to quickly come up with means to enhance operational efficiency, cost control, and expense management.

The rollout couldn’t have been at a better time. From the peak of the pandemic to the present day, ExpenseOut has been helping companies reduce costs and delight employees with pain-free reimbursements.

As countries around the world open, companies will be in a mad scramble to replace their traditional spreadsheets and other legacy systems to deal with the skyrocketing demand for accurate expense reporting due to not just regular business travel but also a relatively new trend called Bleisure (Business plus leisure) travel.

ExpenseOut is well placed to meet this demand because it allows for employees to claim their expense with just a click, saving countless hours for the finance team. Additionally, there are also options that the new software provides for accurately tracking mileage data with GPS and reimbursing that as well.

Since the product has been live, customers have also been raving about the ease with which employees can digitally store receipts, track their expenses, and submit expense reports that are both comprehensive and easy to read.

A timely savior for corporates

The numerous features dedicated to addressing modern-day pain points of finance teams and employees, updates to existing features, and the integration capabilities of ExpenseOut make it a comprehensive, one-stop solution for T&E management.

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