Healthy and Team Bonding Potluck 2020

The mid of January is well known for the harvesting festivals throughout India which brings a lot of happiness and joy in the family.

On this occasion, we celebrated Potluck to add fun to the workplace and encourage our employees to connect over food. Most of the employees have enthusiastically participated and brought their favourite recipes, to share with everyone.

The employees were split into twenty teams, and they came up with different themes like (K2K, Medieval Banquet, Filmy Feast, No diet etc.). Potluck brings a family atmosphere and is the best way to understand colleagues and build the team better.

All the cooked dishes are served in a perfect etiquette, which was the best feast to the eyes. It was a mixed variety of sprouts to chickens delicious cuisines everybody had introduced the dishes we began to wolf down.

Our panel members had tasted and evaluated the delicious of the dishes.

It was an excellent window of opportunity for newbie’s to feel comfortable and at ease with the rest of the team.

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