Life at Infiniti—where unfettered genius meets fun

Imagine a place filled to the brim with talented professionals striving towards developing world-class software for a global clientele, including major airlines and other conglomerates.

It would not be surprising if your mind instantly thought of some Silicon Valley giant.

However, there is a travel technology company in the southern part of India that is fast on its way to redefining the way software is developed.

The workspace—a vibrant hub of creativity

At Infiniti, everything from regular work to co-curricular events is designed to fuel innovation. Every employee has been selected only after the management was able to identify a burning passion for learning within them.

Supporting such brainpower is no easy task.

The management takes pains to ensure that every employee gets a seat at the table when it comes to making crucial decisions within their scope of work.

Apart from that, the company is actively involved in fostering an atmosphere of creativity and innovation by constantly upskilling the employees through various training and awareness sessions.

Time-tested team building activities

Infiniti’s backbone is the report that every employee has with one another. This is ensured with the help of icebreaking sessions. The employees themselves are not shy of taking the extra step to network and build lasting relationships with each other.

Often, you can hear the cafeteria, where the freshest, most aromatic coffee and snacks are served, ringing with laughter.

When this happens, you know that the employees are either engaged in stimulating conversations between sipping coffee or developing camaraderie by competing against each other in a game of foosball, carrom, or table tennis, which is a highlight of the break room.

Developing world-class software is hard; to blow some steam, you can also find employees indulging in a classic PlayStation game in another recreation room. If this sounds fun, wait till you hear about the grand birthday celebrations that the CEO holds for employees in his cabin.

The parties at Infiniti are also unparalleled. Whenever there is a festival, Indian or otherwise, the office lights up with cheer.

To take things up a notch, Infiniti also arranges team meetings at posh restaurants and short trips that bring people out of their shells.

A place where talent is nurtured

Every person is unique. Bringing people’s latent talents out and providing employees with the confidence to thrive on the global stage is a task that Infiniti takes seriously.

Consequently, there are frequent cultural and technical events that put a spotlight on the abilities of employees. Further, the in-house magazine is a great way for the employees to showcase their achievements.

Being the change

Infiniti also leads the charge when it comes to taking up corporate social responsibility activities. Most notably, the company has morphed into an amazing place where the differently-abled can work free of prejudice.

Other than this, Infiniti has taken on initiatives, such as blood donation and tree-planting drives that have been the talk of the town owing to the impact they have had.

Take a sneak peak

Now that I have walked you through what it is like to be at the forefront of innovation while having fun, I implore you to go on a virtual tour of the premises and immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience.

If you feel you will fit right into the work culture, you can always reach us at

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