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Volaris Selects GroupRM To Enhance Group Booking Experience

The budget airline’s embrace of the automated group revenue management solution is a step towards achieving the trifecta of price, loyalty, and customer experience.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – March 16, 2021 — Infiniti Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, the brains behind many cutting-edge travel management technology breakthroughs, announced recently that Volaris, the renowned ultra-low-cost airline, had chosen its group traffic control product, GroupRM, in a bid to boost operational efficiency and revenue.

Since its inception in March 2006, Volaris airline has been committed to providing cost-effective flights to international travelers. Wishing to draw in travelers in and around Mexico, which is their main market, the airline has turned to GroupRM for automating the tedious process of managing group travel effortlessly with dynamic and personalized pricing.

In a statement, the CEO of Infiniti, Mr Ananth Narasimhan, said, “With this decision, Volaris has shown that it is ready to propel its operations into the digital age. We are proud to be a part of their journey of attaining agility in group revenue management.” 

Commenting on the strides that the airline has made when it comes to group revenue management for their customers’ bookings, the COO of Volaris, Jose Luis Suarez, also added that the airline now will likely see a turnover increase thanks to the revenue optimization that GroupRM makes possible.

Even though the airline industry is reeling under the travel restrictions in place all over the world, Volaris is set to see substantial gains soon in terms of revenue and customer loyalty due to the partnership with Infiniti.

A bright future ahead

As COVID cases drop across the world, it is projected that the travel industry will roar back to pre-pandemic levels quite soon. Consequently, airlines will be in a rush to snap up the large volumes of customers who are desperate to leave their hometowns/ countries after suffering from intense lockdowns, making GroupRM even more invaluable to them.

About Infiniti

Infiniti Software Solutions is an India-based travel and aviation technology solutions company. It has set its sights on helping businesses all over the globe adapt to the rising demand for digitalization. Over the years, Infiniti has amassed over 300 clients, including major airlines, travel agents, and corporates.

About Volaris

Volaris is the ultra-low-cost airline in Mexico that caters to both domestic and international passengers, especially serving the VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) market. With 40% of Mexico’s domestic market share and161 routes, it is the largest airline in the country.

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