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Infiniti Unveils New Brand Identity To Strengthen Its Company Positioning

Infiniti Software Solutions, the leading global travel technology provider, unveils its new brand identity. Since its foundation in 2005, with innovation at its heart, Infiniti has been continuously upgrading itself to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. Over the years the customer-centric approach of Infiniti has enabled to build and nurture relationships with corporates, travel agencies and airlines. In addition to repeating business and steep profit growth. The progression of the travel industry has driven Infiniti to transform into a customer-leading organization with a focus on futuristic product development. Hence the change in the identity is brought about to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing global solution provider for the travel industry.

The brand identity reflects Infiniti being an innovative, forward-thinking and people-centric travel technology company. The inspiration for the design of the new Identity is navigation and the alphabet “I”. A navigator helps us to find the correct direction. Similarly, Infiniti is dedicated to deliver comprehensive advanced travel technology solutions by partnering with its customers. Alphabet “I” signifies infinite possibilities for innovation and a human in an abstract form. The symbol two colored triangles above the letter “i” is the focal point of identity. It indicates the young, energetic and, dynamic individuals taking travel technology forward. The colors red, blue and yellow reflect Infiniti’s personality which is bright, colorful and confident.

Commenting on the new brand identity, Mr. Ananth Narasimhan, CEO & MD, Infiniti says, “The transformation is a bold move we have taken keeping in mind the value proposition we offer today to our customers. As we are expanding exponentially at the global market with continuous addition of product portfolios and customer segments, we desired identity to reflect the growing face of ours. This mark a significant milestone on our journey towards achieving our goals”.

The landscape of travel is changing rapidly through technology disruption and upheaval. Infiniti’s new business model and plans of rapid growth are aimed to bring about an acceleration around the travel experience, and the way travel providers operate.

About Infiniti

Infiniti Software Solutions is one of the worlds leading travel technology companies headquartered in India. Its vision is to help customers grow profitably by embracing technology. Infiniti serves more than 300 clients including major airlines, travel agents and corporates around the world. It is spread across four locations in India with over 250 highly motivated and experienced travel technology professionals.

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